RPW in the Community

RPW supports the economic empowerment and development of disadvantaged individuals (spanning all age groups) in cities where we operate. We work closely with diversified partners and support personality and skill building activities and enhance rural development.

A key way in which we engage with the community is through RPW Voice. RPW Voice is dedicated to boosting the lifestyle of individuals and families in need in the cities where we work. We back our philanthropic initiative with the strength of our business and people and play a pivotal role in improving these communities. RPW Voice has tied up with the following NGO’s, focusing on different issues faced by disadvantaged members of society:

Akshaya Patra

Their mission is to help underprivileged children by providing them with a healthy, balanced meal which would be an incentive for them to continue their education. We took the path less trodden and donated the money we would have otherwise spent on Diwali gifts to them.

Mewsic India

csr-mwesic-logoMewsic, A Brett Lee Foundation is the brainchild of iconic Australian fast bowler, Brett Lee and has a mission to use music as a powerful tool to heal, educate and empower disadvantaged children in India. Mewsic is pioneering Music Therapy in India, which achieves outstanding results with autistic, disabled and traumatized children where other, more traditional therapies have failed. We are proud partners and a number of volunteers from RPW have actively helped Mewsic raise funds.


GOONJ is a leading social enterprise known for a series of innovation in social space , which has pioneered the concept of using city discards as a valuable resource for rural development. Their model talks about ‘Dignifying the act of giving’ and using your contribution as a reward under its nationwide initiative ‘Cloth for work’. RPW PAN India generously donated quality clothes, toys, books amongst others to this cause for the Joy of Giving week which is a nationwide movement.

Think Foundation

csr-mwesic-logoThink Foundation works towards increasing the life-span and improving the quality of life of children who suffer from Thalassaemia Major in Mumbai. Thalassaemia Major is a serious, genetic blood disorder, which is detected in the first year of life. From then on, the affected children need regular, lifelong blood transfusions for their survival. Blood transfusions result in a buildup of iron, which can prove fatal. The children also run the risk of blood transmissible diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Survival, for a child suffering from Thalassemia Major is, to put it very mildly- tough. RPW ran for Think in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in January 2013.