Client Testimonials


It was a pleasure to meet my Relationship Manager in Kolkata. I understood how difficult it is to be in the Wealth Management business as things are ever-changing. I am extremely happy with his follow-ups and periodic reviews. He has brought my house in order, and I can't thank him enough.

- A US-based, Ultra High Net Worth Indian investor in Kolkata

I am impressed with the range of investment products offered by Religare Private Wealth. The fact that they are backed by strong research and high-quality service delivery is a great plus point.

- An ex-senior-level banker from the Middle East in Pune

Religare Private Wealth has been remarkable with respect to quality of service, communication and timeliness. I look forward to seeing them set new benchmarks in the near future.

- A senior-level professional in one of the leading IT companies in Bangalore

I made a wise decision to follow the investment structure suggested by Religare Private Wealth at all times. It has been the right thing to do at the right time.

- A Gujarat-based industrialist and Ultra High Net Worth investor in Chennai

I am extremely happy with my Relationship Manager. He updates me regularly and tailors his visits to fit my schedules.

- A businessman and consultant for small business enterprises in Delhi

The advisors plan investments bearing in mind a client’s future needs. They make investment plans and provide helpful advice, and concentrate on building a long-term relationship. The best thing is that they are very prompt in their service.

- A senior-level professional in a chemical firm in Mumbai

Religare Private Wealth provides the best of services. The products offered are unique, and I feel privileged to be associated with them.

- An investor in Kolkata

Religare Private Wealth has been a reliable partner in managing my wealth portfolio. Their focus on asset allocation combined with careful product selection makes their advisory unique compared with the others whose approach is essentially product-centric. Their predictable frequency of reviews and the deep dive they conduct on portfolio performance keeps me completely updated and in control of my finances. I wish them success to assume a prominent position in the private wealth landscape.

- A top-level management executive in a leading telecommunications firm in Delhi