Understand Our Business


"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself"- Peter Drucker

To ensure a successful, long term partnership with clients, RPW’s innovative marketing solutions have built a firm foundation by providing effective support to the RPW team of relationship managers and portfolio counselors. We have developed client centric marketing collaterals, timely e-communications on financial markets, products and services, selectively sponsored client events and many more such initiatives that continue to benefit our clients as well as our employees.


RPW has a robust team of relationship managers spread across the country, to help meet the unique needs of each of our high net worth clients. We focus on building relationships with clients, appreciating and understanding their risk profiles and investment needs and offer appropriate solutions accordingly. We ensure that our wealth managers are equipped with the relevant experience and qualifications to be a key source of knowledge for our clients. The firm also helps the advisors to continuously upgrade and enhance their skills to provide clients with best-in-class investment advice and solutions and thus get an edge over the competition.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."
- Aristotle

There are no short cuts to excellence. In a top-notch Financial Services business like ours the only differentiator is the people. The service that we at RPW provide is as good as our people who deliver it. The main endeavor of our HR function is to support this thought and ensure that our people, processes & policies are best in class. Our HR function handles the entire gamut of Employee Lifecycle from – Talent Acquisition to Onboarding, Employee Engagement to Performance Management, Training & Development to Employee Separation.


Our IT team at RPW endeavors to stay ahead of the curve in enhancing our back-end systems to provide seamless support to all other business units, as well as our discerning clients. We have recently enhanced our state-of-the-art client relationship management (CRM) system which makes the entire process of reviewing client statements and providing our clients with crucial data smooth and error free.


The Operations department at RPW manages the complete lifecycle of three primary verticals – client onboarding, transaction execution and income generation. It is the responsibility of this team to ensure that all processes are risk mitigated and effective in meeting the requirements of both – internal stakeholders as well as external clients.

Client Service

At RPW, our culture, behaviour and attitude are a reflection of one strong belief –"Delivering superior client services".
The same is reflected in our Unique Service Delivery Model wherein every client is assigned a dedicated Service Relationship Manager along with a team of a relationship manager and a portfolio counselor.
The RPW family is committed to achieving client service excellence by raising the bar at all times. We follow a proactive client service approach in handling client requests, transactions and continuously strive to understand and meet the needs of our clients at all times. The service relationship managers serve as Client Experience Ambassadors combined with the responsibility of Risk Management and Operational activities in order to understand and safeguard client interests at all times.

Corporate Service

The main responsibility of the corporate service unit is to deliver superior services to all its stakeholders, always. The team focuses on activities that combine certain enterprise-wide support services, based on specialized knowledge, best practices, and technology to serve internal and external customers, as well as business partners. The team also provides the required backend and logistical support needed for setting up a strong business foundation

Risk & Compliance

We have a stringent Risk Management framework to ensure integrity and the safety of our client's wealth at all times. This department defines and monitors the Risk Management Framework of Religare Private Wealth, including drafting critical compliance procedures, monitoring surveillance and reporting. We ensure that the operational and regulatory risks, if any, are appropriately identified, evaluated and mitigated, because we believe that precaution is better than the cure.


Research is our DNA. We ensure that our family of clients have access to research-backed best of breed investment solutions in an open architecture platform. We have effective procedures to ensure that we deliver only recommended and suitable investments per each client's risk profile and wealth management needs


Our 'Knowledge in Action' philosophy is the driving force behind our selection of 'best of breed' products encompassing all risk spectrums. We provide our clients with a wide array of innovative products, an exceptional selection of investment opportunities in every asset class, and a process-driven approach. Profit from our expertise and access to the best advice and financial solutions in the market backed by insightful research, powerful opportunities and a robust service delivery model.


At Religare Private Wealth, we believe in and adopt a structured and disciplined advisory approach to help our clients achieve investment success and ultimately their life goals. Our unique PGA model allocates our clients wealth into distinct categories depending on their personal risk profiles. We then follow a comprehensive process of analyzing client risk profiles, investment objectives and current financial situations in order to create holistic financial and investment plans for them. Dynamic calls are taken on asset allocation based on market events and our best in class research backed market outlook. Our Portfolio Counselors proactively review our clients’ portfolios and provide innovative investment solutions and insights to help protect, grow and manage their wealth.


The Finance Team at RPW handles all our expenses and prepares our budgets for every year. They are responsible for the company financials and manage the fund flow and revenue booking.