Portfolio Perspectives

Timeless Principles of Investing

  • At RPW, we follow the timeless principles of investing through asset allocation and diversification of our clients’ portfolios to effectively help manage, preserve and grow their wealth and help them achieve their financial and ultimately life goals.
  • We help clients diversify their investments in different asset classes (namely Equities, Fixed Income and Cash) based on their time horizon and risk return profile.
  • Rigorous quantitative and qualitative research methodology is used to select relevant and optimal investment products as per client risk profiles.
  • We have a Strategic Asset Allocation model (SAA) and make dynamic calls (DAA) and accordingly make changes to our Model Portfolio to benefit from existing market events in order to maximize risk-reward opportunities for our investors.

Sample Asset Allocation for Moderately Aggressive Client Risk Profile





Moderately Aggressive

Cash Debt Indian Equities Global Markets Commodities Alternatives

Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA)*

5.00% 32.00% 38.00% 5.00% 5.00% 15.00%

Current Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA)*

5% 26% 46% 5% 3% 15%


* 1. Strategic Asset Allocation(SAA) – Is the long term road map for your portfolio based on your risk profile.

2. Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) – Refers to the rebalancing adjustments done in the allocation of various asset classes based on the prevailing market conditions

RPW Model Portfolio

  • Our model portfolio comprises of top ranking funds across Equity and Debt categories.
  • The funds are selected based on various quantitative and qualitative parameters.
  • The portfolio is reviewed on quarterly basis and may undergo changes in underlying funds depending on performance and market dynamics.

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